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The Breeding Stallions Web Ring is for all breeds. We aren't looking to promote one stallion over another. We would like to offer a showcase of all breeds and types of stallions. I would also like this web ring to offer information to new breeders. Hopefully we will be able to help new comers make decisions on which way or which breed is best suited to their needs.


This ring was created to allow breeders to showcase all breeds of stallions in one place. There are breedres that raise several different breeds, and this way they can show all of them in one place. The websites must be appealing to a general audience with may include children. There will not be any sites allowed with questionable or explicit content involved in this Web Ring.
This Breeding Stallions Web Ring was created June 6, 1999. The Ringmaster is Meridith Loar.
The Ringmaster reserves the right to refuse any individual or website into the ring that does no meet the above critera, or that is vulgar or truly offensive.

You will also need to save this graphic to your server:bsring.jpg
Once you ahve this code and graphic in place, please email me to let me know that you are ready to be added.

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If you have a Webpage that meets the above requirements and would like to be a member of the Piant Horse WebRing, please add your site to the queue by filling out the following form:

Once you submit your site to the queue, your customized html code will be emailed to you or you can go the the following addy to get your customized html code. All you will need to do this is your ID and password.
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NOTICE: We collect personal information on this site.  To learn more about how we use your information click here.

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